Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Historic Master Career Moment!

Trial #25 July 17th Geraldton Dog Club - I was happy with yesterday's performance but today absolutely took the cake - and it was a historical moment for the Raven and me - for the 1st time since competing in Masters she went CLEAR in both Agility and Jumping! Woohoo!! 1st PLACE MASTERS AGILITY and 2nd Place MASTERS JUMPING! Fantastic!! I was absolutely over the moon with her! Then she ran a ripper of a course in Open Agility - but had a close call against her on the dogwalk - yet she still managed a 2nd place - what a star! So we are now 5/7 for ADM and 4/7 for JDM...not long to go now :) She is clocking up some decent points for the State team selection at the Nationals.

Rockingham jinx - Geraldton success!

Trial #23 July 10th Rockingham Dog Club - 1 fault (a refusal) in Masters Agility 1 bar down in Masters and Open Jumping and in Open Agility we had an off course...so no luck today unfortunately!

Trial #24 July 16th Geraldton Dog Club - she was a very good girl today and won 2nd Place MASTERS JUMPING That makes leg #3 for JDM. She had only 1 fault in Masters Agility - a refusal (my handling of course!) however still received 2nd place as there was only 1 qualifier - it was a tough course! She had 2 faults in open agility however as there was only 1 qualifier in that she won 2nd Place OPEN AGILITY! So all in all she had a very good day only knocking 1 bar in Open Jumping!

Monday, July 04, 2005

The Open Queen...

Trial #21 July 3rd ANWA Fundraiser - This morning trial was quite successful with just a bit of bad luck - she put one paw on the A Frame out of order in Masters Agility and in Masters Jumping we had one bar down :( But to make up for it we had a 1st Place in Open Jumping PLUS 1st Place in Open Agility! I also got to run Deb Hyde's BC "Jasper" also known as Obedience Champion Brynbank Dangeros Liasion ADX JDX UD...and he and I took out 3rd PLACE OPEN AGILITY

Trial #22 July 3rd ANWA Fundraiser PM Trial Again some hard luck - both Masters being my fault I handled her onto on an off course in both agility and jumping. Open Agility I tried a front cross - unfortunately unsuccessfully! That was our only error and we made up for it with a 1st Place in Open Jumping, good girl! I ran Deb Hyde's BC "Jasper" again...and he and I took out 4th PLACE OPEN AGILITY.
Once again I ponder all these Open passes and what exactly did hold us back those years! Check out the focus in the weaves! This is a photo taken at our first NADAC (National Agility Dog Association) Trial last year in Sydney October. She loved the courses and so did I thankfully they required very little running from me since I had torn my calf muscle the day before!