Saturday, February 04, 2006

First Official Trial 2006

I just have to post today....last night was a historic moment in the agility career of Raven - she kept her bars up in ALL FOUR runs!!!!!! Woohoo!!!! Fantastic!!! I was very pleased with her - she came 2nd in Open Jumping and about 7th in Masters Jumping - yes a low placement I know for her. I would have thought she would have got a refusal as we did a small lap inside a circle of jumps and this cost us alot of time. Judge called it clear though. In Agility she ran well - Open she came off the table too early (her bad!) and we got called on a seesaw that I knew she got so I was pleased with her in general in the way she ran. In Masters we missed the down on the dogwalk contact - (her bad again!) but that was it. Whilst we came away with no 1st places or points towards teams selection I was absolutely thrilled with her - a great start to the year.